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Summer School

Among the most essential activities of engineering geology, there is proactive support in correct planning, realization and of course maintenance of large infrastructures.
Large infrastructures (eg. dams, bridges, tunnels) are as a rule, often realized in complex environments, where number of geological and natural risks (geo status, processes, and events) and their interplay, represent a potential threat to the functionality and safety of infrastructures, workers and users, and as a consequence to the health of citizens as well as to the welfare and functions of communities and their economy. The European Alpine environment represents an excellent example in this sense: complex geological setting and the presence of different slope instabilities together with extreme climate events can hamper the construction and pose at risk the management of infrastructures during their life.
In 2022 the first official IAEG Summer School is organized in the Aosta Valley region, in the North West of Italy, and in Tyrol in Western Austria and is indeed aimed to describe the possible impacts of different infrastructures like dams, tunnels, and other construction realized in the last century in an alpine region. The school will be focused on the description of impacts, but it also will put attention towards correct approaches for the definition of the geological model, the design of the infrastructure, its maintenance, and besides on the proper communication efforts.

The IAEG Summer School participation is free of charge. The number of participants is limited to 25 people, and primarily reserved for Ph.D. students. Post Doc and Master degree students will be considered if places would be available.

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Giovanni Crosta, Daniele Giordan, Francesco Zucca, Jean Hutchinson, Jean Alain Fleurisson, Vassilis Marinos, Haris Saroglou, Akos Torok, Christian Zangerl

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Daniele Giordan, Giovanni Crosta, Christian Zangerl, Francesco Zucca, Marco Alderighi, Raffaele Rocco, Davide Bertolo, Jean Pierre Fosson, Niccolò Dematteis
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