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International Association for Engineering Geology and Environment



Workshop GEOVIEWS 2023

SIGEA – Società Italiana di Geologia Ambientale, in collaborazione con ABEO e con il patrocinio e supporto di enti istituzionali e partners, organizza il Workshop internazionale di geotecnica GEOVIEWS 2023 Modalità mista: aula / webinar A Savona dal 16 al 18 maggio 2023, in presenza presso la Fortezza del Priamar…

The IAEG was founded in 1964 and it is affiliated to the “International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS)”. The IAEG is an international scientific association with more than 5,200 associated members and 59 National Groups. Official languages are English and French.

Engineering Geology is the science devoted to the investigation, study and solution of the engineering and environmental problems which may arise as the result of the interaction between geology and the works and human activities of man as well as to the prediction of and the development of measures for prevention or remediation of geological hazards.


to promote and encourage the advancements of engineering geology through scientific research and technological activities


to improve and refine the teaching and learning of engineering geology


to collect, evaluate and disseminate the results of engineering geology activity carried out at international level.


CNR-IRPI di Torino, Strada delle Cacce, 73 – 10135, Torino, Italia

Secretary: Martina Cignetti +39 011/3977 830
Treasurer: Teresa Boenzi +39 011/3977 820
Fax +39 011.3977821