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1st Mediterranean Symposium on Landslides

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1st Mediterranean Symposium on Landslides will take place on June, 2021, in Naples. The topic is “Slope stability problems in stiff clays and flysch formations”.

Landslides represent a relevant problem for most of the countries overlooking the Mediterranean. This trivial consideration should prompt researchers, professionals, and stakeholders in this region to form closer relationships and engage themselves in a continuous exchange of data and ideas to find common strategies of landslide risk mitigation.
A common problem concerns the stability of slopes in hard fissured soils, weak rocks and flysch deposits, which are widespread all over the region, posing major problems to the development of these areas.
It is evident that the behaviour of such a wide and complex class of materials, spreading across large areas in this corner of the world, cannot be interpreted simply through the basic laws of the Soil or Rock Mechanics. With the goal in mind of urging people living on the Mediterranean to join their efforts, we have organized a Mediterranean Symposium on Landslides, hoping that this initiative will be the first of a series of similar periodic events.

The Mediterranean Symposium on Landslides (MSL- 2021) is promoted by prof. Giovanni Crosta, Università di Milano Bicocca, and prof. Luciano Picarelli, Università della Campania L. Vanvitelli.
The organization is suppoterd by EFFE ERRE Congressi.

Due to the pandemic emergency, the event will be held on line.
Participation is free.
To attend the event please fill the pre-registration form in the website.