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Summer School

Among the most essential activities of engineering geology, there is proactive support in correct planning, realization and of course maintenance of large infrastructures. Large infrastructures (eg. dams, bridges, tunnels) are as a rule, often realized in complex environments, where number of geological and natural risks… Read More »Summer School

Mediterranean Lecture 2022

June 15, 2022, Prof. Vassilis Marinos will deliver the fist Mediterranean Lecture “In-Flysch-Structure. Addressing the Challenge of Flysch in Major Infrastructure Projects ”. The event will be held in Naples at the faculty of Engineering. Further information can be found in our website: The… Read More »Mediterranean Lecture 2022


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EMRP1.14 (EDI) “Multiscale rock damage in geology, geophysics and geo-engineering systems” Co-organized by NH3 Convener: F. Agliardi; Co-conveners: C. Giorgetti, D. Amitrano, M. Violay, C. Zangerl Description and abstract submission: Session NH4.4: Earthquake-induced hazards: ground motion amplification and ground failures Conveners: Giovanni Forte, Hans-Balder… Read More »SESSIONS EGU 2022

Earth Technology Expo

FIRENZE, FORTEZZA DA BASSO 13/16 OTTOBRE 2021 La prima e più completa esposizione delle applicazioni tecnologiche in corso e dell’innovazione prevista e presente nel Next Generation EU promossa dal Dipartimento Nazionale di Protezione Civile, ISPRA, Dipartimento della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri Casa Italia, Dipartimento… Read More »Earth Technology Expo

TC301 – IS NAPOLI 2022

Third international symposium on GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING FOR THE PRESERVATION OF MONUMENTS AND HISTORIC SITES Symposium topics: Principles of conservation, maintenance strategies, case histories The knowledge: investigations and monitoring Seismic risk, site effects, soil structure interaction Effects of urban development and tunnelling on built heritage Preservation… Read More »TC301 – IS NAPOLI 2022